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For Access programming questions I would like to quote MVP Doug Steele if I may:

"The fact that I answer questions in the newsgroup should not be taken as an implication that I'm willing to answer questions via private e-mail. I believe in newsgroups. Sending private e-mail, to my mind, defeats the purpose of the newsgroups. First, it's of less benefit to you, since now you're tied to me having to check my e-mail, find time to reply, etc., whereas if you post to the newsgroup, someone else may be able to answer your question instead of me. As well, if you have a particular problem, odds are someone else out there has the same problem, and they won't benefit from private e-mails."

I very strongly agree with Doug's comments on this issue. My schedule is very full, so relying on me to provide a timely response for Access questions outside regular newsgroup activity may come as a disappointment. So please, if you have a question about Access, ask in the newsgroups or online forums. Thank you.