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Why can’t I create web objects in my database?


Access 2010 only displays the options to create web objects if you are working inside a web database. You cannot create web objects if you are currently using a client database.


To create web objects, you must do one of the following actions:


1. Start a new blank web database by clicking the Blank Web Database option on the New tab of the Backstage view. This will create a new empty web database container where you'll be starting from scratch.


2. Instantiate one of the five built-in web templates from the New tab of the Backstage view. The Assets, Contacts, Charitable Contributions, Issues, and Projects web templates create fully functioing web databases. You can create web objects in these databases. You can also use the Northwind 2010 web database too.


3. Publish a client database to a SharePoint 2010 Server that is running Access Services. Note that in order to publish a client database to the server, you'll need the database to pass the Web Compatibility Checker tool. Once those tests pass, you can publish the database to the server. Once published, you can begin to create new web objects - queries, forms, macros, and reports - in your published web application.




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