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How can I design web tables using Design view?


Access 2010 introduces the concept of web databases that you can publish to SharePoint 2010 Servers to create Access Services sites. You can then use your web database inside a web browser.


When you're designing a new or existing web table in a web database, you'll notice right away that Access 2010 always forces you into Datasheet view. If you right-click the web table in the Navigation pane, Access does not display Design View as one of the options. To design the schema for web tables, you must do all of this work in Datasheet view.


When you open a web table in Datasheet view, Access 2010 display two ribbon contextual tabs - Fields and Table, as shown in the following screenshot.



On the Fields tab, you can create new fields and change properties for existing fields using the commands provided. You can, for example, set field captions, adjust field sizes, change formatting options, and even create field validation rules.


On the Table tab you can create and edit data macros for your tables. Data macros are a new feature in Access 2010.



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