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Where is the USysApplicationLog table?


The USysApplicationLog table is a new system that Access 2010 uses to record any data macro execution errors.


In a working application used by many users, it’s quite possible that Access can and will encounter errors executing data macros. Access can also run into errors while you are in the development phase of creating, testing, and debugging your data macros. Access manages any errors it encounters executing data macros through a special system table called USysApplicationLog. This special table serves three purposes:


- Access uses it to log any data macro failures that it encounters while executing data macros attached to table events and named data macros.


- You can use the table for debugging purposes when designing and testing data macros by utilizing the LogEvent data action.


- Access uses this table to record any compilation errors when publishing or synchronizing Web objects to a SharePoint server running Access Services.


By default, Access does not create a USysApplicationLog table until it needs it, such as when it encounters an error executing data macro logic. Once Access encounters an error, it creates this table and then provides a couple of entry points to this table where you can analyze the errors.


1. If you look at the lower-right corner of the status bar, you can see the words “New Application Errors,” as shown in the following screenshot. Click this link to open the USysApplicationLog table.


2. Access also provides an entry point on the Backstage view. If you have a USysApplicationLog table present in your database, you can click the File tab on the Backstage view and see the Application Log section, as shown in the screenshot below. Click the View Application Log Table button to open the USysApplicationLog table in Datasheet view.



By default, Access does not display tables that start with the prefix USys in the Navigation pane. In order to view this table in the Navigation pane, you must set your navigation option to view system objects. See this Related Topic to learn how to view system objects in the Navigation pane.



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