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I'm getting an error when I try to use data macros in local tables to update data in linked tables. Why?


When you design data macros in Access 2010, you can only insert, update, or delete data in local tables, or Access Services web tables inside a web database. If you attempt to insert, update, or delete data in a linked table with a data macro attached to a local table, you'll probably receive this type of data macro execution error in the USysApplicationLog table:


"Queries that contain linked tables, action queries, and database references are not allowed in data macros."


This also applies even if you link to published Access Services lists from a client database. You can't insert, update, or delete data in the linked Access Services lists by using data macros attached to the local client tables. If you need to update the data in those linked tables, you'll need to use action queries or Visual Basic code.



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