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Why do I have extra images in the Shared Images dialog after I import objects?


Each Shared Image must have a unique name in Access client and web databases. When you are working with web databases, all images used on web forms and web reports must be shared images.


When you import a web form or web report into an Access 2010 web database that utilizes shared images from a different web database, Access also imports any shared images used by the form or report. If an existing shared image in the database performing the import has the same name as a shared image being imported, Access appends a number followed by an underscore to the start of the shared image name. For example, if you have an image called Form Logo in one database and import a form or report from another database that also has a shared image with that name, Access names the imported shared image as 1_Form Logo, as shown below.



The imported forms and reports will have their image controls referencing the Form Logo image in the destination database. You might need to adjust the image references on the imported forms if this is the case. If both images are exactly the same, you can delete the imported shared image from the Images Gallery since you don't need the second one.


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