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How do I add a shared image into the database?


For this example, I'll show you how to add a shared image into a web database. The steps are virtually identical with a client database.


Open a web form or web report in Layout view. Click the Insert Image command on the far-right side of the Controls group on the Design tab to display the Image Gallery, as shown below. Access displays all shared images in the current database in the Image Gallery. Note that the Insert Image button is enabled only if you've selected an image control or an empty cell on the form layout.



If you want to use a different image for a form or report that is currently not in the database, you can click the Browse button on the bottom of the Image Gallery, shown in the screenshot above. When you click Browse, Access opens the Insert Picture dialog box, as shown in the following screenshot.



You can browse the folders on your computer for a new image to add to your database. Note that by default, Access limits the image files shown in the Insert Picture dialog box to files with extensions of .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif, and .png. To view additional file extensions, select All Files from the Web-Ready Image Files drop-down list.



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