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Why does the web form in the browser say it can’t find the field, but it works fine in client?


When you assign a record source to a form or report, Access can work with the data in every field of the record source, even if you do not bind a form or report control to every field on the form or report design surface. For example, if you want to apply filters and sorts to the records displayed on your web form, Access can identify and use the fields for those filters or sorts even if you don't have a control bound to those fields on the form or report design surface. You can also open a form or report using macros or Microsoft Visual Basic code with a Where condition for a field, and Access can read the field’s data and display the correct records even if you don’t have the field on the form or report design surface.


When you’re working with web forms, web reports, and web macros to automate your application, you need to be aware that the server behaves differently. Access Services requires that you bind any fields to controls on the form or report design surface if you're sorting, filtering, or grouping with those fields using web macros. If you don't want to show those fields to the users of your application, you can set the visibility of those field controls to False. Access Services can use the data in any hidden fields on the form or report so long as a control is bound to those fields. Access Services can also use the data from fields in your record source if you use the field in an expression on the form or report. For example, if you use a field in an expression for a conditional formatting rule, Access Services can use the data when you view the web report in a web browser.


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