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Can I deactivate and delete a custom ACCDT from the Solutions Gallery using a PowerShell command??


Yes, this is certainly possible.


You'll first need appropriate permissions on your SharePoint server to deactivate and delete custom solutions. Talk to your SharePoint server administrator if you do not currently have sufficient rights for these operations.


Open your SharePoint PowerShell command window by clicking:


Start -> Program Files -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products -> Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell


Deactivate solution:
UnInstall-SPUserSolution -ID "YourSite" -Site "http://YourServerName" -Confirm:$False


Remove the solution from the Solutions Gallery:
Remove-SPUserSolution -Identity "YourACCDT.wsp" -Site "http://YourServerName" -Confirm:$False


(Substitute your server name, site name, ACCDT name, and other information in the appropriate places in the command.)




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