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Where do I find the Northwind 2010 web database?


The Northwind 2010 sample database in Access 2010 has been seriously overhauled from previous versions. The 2010 Northwind version is now a web database that is completely web compatible for publishing to SharePoint 2010 servers. You can create a fully functioning Access Services site and work with this web database in a web browser.


You can open a copy of the Northwind 2010 database by using one of these methods.


Through the Backstage view:


Open Access 2010. On the Info tab of the Backstage view, you'll see a folder icon called Samples underneath the Templates section in the middle pane. Click this icon, and Access displays two template options - Northwind 2007 and Northwind Web Database, as shown in the following screenshot.



Click the Northwind Web Database icon and then click the Download button to download and instantiate the template. Once the instantiation completes, you can see the opening form of this web database, as shown in the following screenshot.



The second method to getting a copy of the Northwind 2010 web database is to navigate to the following web page:|


Click the Download button on the web page to download the web database to your local computer.



See more tips and tricks like this in my book: Microsoft Access 2010 Inside Out



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