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Where do I find the Switchboard Manager Wizard in Access 2010?


The Switchboard Manager Wizard still exists in the Access 2010 product, however, there is no entry point to launch the wizard from the default ribbon. If you want to use this wizard, you'll need to add this command to your Quick Access Toolbar or to one of the existing default ribbon groups.


When you're customizing the Quick Access Toolbar or the default ribbon groups, you can find the Switchboard Manager Wizard command in the "Commands Not In The Ribbon" list. When you select that option in the Choose Commands From list, you can find the Switchboard Manager command there and then add it to to Quick Access Toolbar or default or custom ribbon group.


I recommend you spend time and explore the new Navigation Control in Access 2010 instead of using the Switchboard Manager. This new control is a very slick and efficient way to build a navigation system for users of your application. The Navigation Control can be used in both client and web databases. You might want to review my Related Topic to see how to make a navigation control with information stored in a Switchboard Items table.



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