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Is there a way to convert the elements of a Switchboard Manager to the new Navigation Control?


There is nothing built into Access 2010 that allows you to easily convert the data stored in the Switchboard Items table into a usable Navigation Control displayed on a form. The Navigation Control is a new control in Access 2010 that easily allows you to create a tab menu system for users of your application to navigate to different areas of your database. This control can be used in both client and web databases.


Although there is nothing built into the product to convert this information, Tony D'Ambra has graciously done most of the work for you. Tony has created a navigation form that can read the information in your Switchboard Items table and display it a navigation control. You can download his database and read more about it at the following location:


Easily Migrate Legacy Access Switchboards to the Access 2010 Navigation Form:


Nice work Tony, this is a very useful utility.




See more tips and tricks like this in my book: Microsoft Access 2010 Inside Out



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