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How do I view the Relationships diagram in a web database?


When you are working with a web database in Access 2010, you'll undoubtedly notice that the Relationships command on the Database Tools tab is disabled. You cannot open the Relationships diagram window in web databases.


There is however, a workaround to view all the relationships in a web database if you need to analyze how all the web tables are related. Close your web database and then create a new, blank client database. Once open, click the External Data tab on the ribbon and then click the Access command in the Import & Link group. In the Get External Data - Access Database dialog box, browse to the location of your web database and then import all the web tables into this new container. You can now open the Relationships diagram window in this copy to view and examine all the relationships defined in your web database.


Although you must add/edit relationships in the web database itself, you can at least examine the relationship structure visually in this copy of your web tables.




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