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Why does the Action Catalog not appear when I click the Ribbon button to display it on the macro design surface?


This issue is caused because the new Action Catalog in Access 2010 follows the Allow Built-In Toolbars setting in the Access Options dialog box. If you are using a MDB file, perhaps a legacy database that you created in earlier versions of Access, and have the Allow Built-in Toolbars setting set to False, the Action Catalog does not display on the macro design surface. Clicking the Action Catalog button on the Ribbon has no effect.


To fix this issue, open the Access Options dialog box and then click the Current Database category. If you do not know where the Access Options dialog is located, see this Related Topic


Scroll down the options displayed on the Current Database category until you find the section called Ribbon And Toolbar Options. Now select the Allow Built-in Toolbars check box to set it to True. Click OK to save the option changes, close your database, and then re-open the database. You should now be able to see the Action Catalog displayed on the macro design surface when editing macros. If it's not readily available, click the Action Catalog button in the Show/Hide group of the macro Design contextual Ribbon tab.



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