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I've reduced the width of my Navigation Pane so small that now I cannot expand it back to see everything. How do I fix this?


If you reduce the width of the Navigation Pane small enough, there is a chance that Access no longer shows the double sided arrow on the right side of the Navigation Pane to allow you to expand it back out. If this happens to you, here is how you can fix that.


1. Right click the top of the Navigation Pane (about where the word “All” is in the screenshot below).

2. Clear the Search Bar option from the shortcut menu that appears. Like so…



3. The double-sided arrow should reappear as you hover over the right edge of the Navigation Pane.
4. You should now be able to resize and expand the Navigation Pane to the right.



See more tips and tricks like this in my book: Microsoft Access 2010 Inside Out



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