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Access 2007 Online Training

If you’re interested in learning how to use Access 2007 by “seeing and doing”, my new online training series is probably just the product for you. I teamed up with Total Training ( to make an introductory course on Access 2007. Total Training is an industry leader in providing high quality DVD and online training products for creative print, web design digital video, and office productivity software programs.

The specific course title I recorded is Microsoft Access 2007 Essentials and you can find more information about the series here:


The course runs about 6.6 hours in length and gives a good introduction on database design and Access 2007 fundamentals.

If you’ve been wanting to start learning about Access 2007, but haven’t found quite the right medium for your training needs yet, I recommend you take a look at this series. You can learn at your own speed and comfort level. Missed something I said? No, problem, just rewind it and watch the material again!

You can watch a preview of the series by following the link posted below. (This will take you to a download location on my other web site for a Windows Media File.)

I hope you enjoy it!